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Join Pastor Trés and the EC Ministry Teams for the ON TRACK AT EC before the Emmanuel College Fall Preview 2022. Students will spend Thursday through Sunday experiencing life as an Emmanuel College ministry student sitting in classes with current students, participating in rehearsals, receiving audition preparation, touring the campus, and worshipping with our community.


On Track at EC 

October 6-9, 2022 


1:00-3:00pm––Check In/Move In

3:00pm––Meet the President

4:00pm––Campus Tour

5:00pm––Dinner @ Dining Hall

6:00pm––Singers rehearsal

7:30pm––Chapel Worship rehearsal


9:00am––Old Testament Prophets

10:30am––Vision4Education Service


1:00pm––Resound rehearsal


3:00pm––Financial Aid

4:00pm––Free Time

5:00pm––Dinner @ Dining Hall

6:00pm––Campus Tour

7:30pm––Preview Celebration Service

9:30pm––Bonfire on the Quad



8:00am-12:00pm––Follow Preview schedule

12:00pm––Academic Lunch Fair

1:00pm––Singers & Worship Team auditions

3:30pm––Student Leaders Roundtable Discussion Panel

4:30-6:00pm––Free Time

6:00pm––Harvest Hangout!

9:00pm––Worship House @ RobLob



10:30am––Service on campus @ Franklin Springs Pentecostal Holiness Church

10:30am––Singers service @ Goldmine Pentecostal Holiness Church

*Dates and arrival times are firm. Schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please refer to information received upon arrival for confirmed times.

If you sense that you may be called to ministry as a pastor, missionary, worship leader, or some other area of ministry, then ON TRACK AT EC is for you!

All preview students must register separately for the October 7-9 Fall Preview. Click here for the separate registration for the EC Preview Weekend.

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