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Nothing brings down the house quite like a choir! The Emmanuel Singers is a choir comprised of dozens of passionate worshipers. They sing Gospel, Contemporary Worship, and modern choral arrangements. This group ministers frequently in chapel services but focuses its ministry off-campus, touring by bus across the Southeast during school breaks to carry the message of Jesus to churches, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and other community centers.

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With advanced vocal technique, tight harmonies, blend and balance, this ensemble performs concerts filled with a variety of musical repertoire ranging from Contemporary Worship Music and traditional hymns to patriotic pieces and jazz arrangements. The group is comprised of 10 to 12 highly trained singers whose virtuosic vocals sing skillfully to the Lord! They travel most weekends to sing in churches of all kinds. Students with a background in advanced ensemble choral singing will find a home here in Resound.

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Led by upperclassmen Worship Music majors and veteran students, EC WORSHIP leads the music for worship in weekly Chapel services and tours for student conferences and retreats throughout the school year. Going on tour every June and July, CONQUEST serves youth camps and conference during this summer. They bond over many hours on the road traveling from camp to camp, church to church, conference to conference, bringing dynamic and passionate worship music to every environment where they minister. Students who have a gift for music and a heart for worship will want to be a part of this dynamic team!